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Green solutions from green waste

Our revolutionary technology turns the vast global agricultural and wood waste into profitable, sustainable materials and fuels.

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Every year, over a billion tonnes of plant, agricultural and wood waste are discarded or burnt worldwide.

At Lixea we are committed to stopping this wasteful and polluting practice.

We believe it is time to switch to a bio-based economy.

At Lixea we are spearheading this transition: starting with our revolutionary solvent-based biomass fractionation technology.

Our revolutionary, patented technology tackles this billion tonne global waste problem by converting low-cost wood and agricultural waste into profitable, clean and sustainable materials.

The Dendronic® Process

Our prime innovative technology is the Dendronic® Process. It uses waste wood, agricultural by-products and sustainably grown biomass to produce a greener alternative to today's petrochemical industry, while giving unwanted waste materials a purpose.

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Our pilot plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden is fully operational and already producing the right solutions.

About Lixea
Lixea pilot plant

Food, bio-chemicals and sustainable fuels from green waste

From a range of biogenic waste, The Dendronic® Process can produce starting materials for the energy, biochemical, biomaterials and food industries.

From our produced materials, the target product range includes cellulosic fuels, performance chemicals, moulded fibres for packaging, phenolic resins, glues, adhesives, and bitumen substitutes.

Performance Chemicals
More about the Dendronic® Process
Moulded Fibres for Packaging
More about the Dendronic® Process
Bitumen Substitutes
More about the Dendronic® Process

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Our Supporters

Lixea has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 946203

Our Future

We are looking for commercial partners to take our technology global. Together, we can address this enormous challenge and provide a sustainable clean alternative for us all.

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