• Impact

    What is Lixea enabling?

    The Bioeconomy

    An alternative to crude oil

    Lixea’s proprietary process enables the use of any type of woody material for the large-scale production of bio-derived materials, chemicals and fuels. As such, we are promoting the bioeconomy, an economic concept where wood and other forms of lignocellulosic biomass are used instead of crude oil to produce heat, electricity, materials and chemicals.

    The Circular Economy

    Pioneers in Sustainability

    In the EU and US alone around 100m tonnes of waste wood remain unrecycled every year. This represents a vast economic loss and an untapped resource.


    Converting the waste of today into the raw materials of tomorrow is the key component of the conceptual circular economy. The circular economy is widely deemed as the only truly sustainable economic model.


    Lixea therefore provides a key stepping stone to a sustainable future and is in keeping with seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.