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Our Dendronic® Process ensures global food, energy and material security

The patented technology breaks down complex woody biomass into its constituents: cellulose, lignin and small molecules in an environmentally friendly and low-cost way.

lixea product extracts

Our process uses agricultural and forestry residues, energy crops, even construction waste wood. These are readily available in vast quantities around the world.

This makes our technology the answer to immediate environmental pressures from air pollution and deforestation to delivering social impact solutions that support local communities for generations to come.

The Dendronic® Process

The Dendronic® process offers significant advantages over existing and emerging technologies for biomass processing.

Starting material

Highly effective on variety of feedstocks, even including low value, metal treated construction waste


Safe, non-volatile, non-flammable, recyclable


Low temperature, therefore low input energy


High quality – pure cellulose, odour free lignin, high-value specialised chemicals

Cellulosic fuels image

Cellulosic fuels

Performance chemicals image

Performance chemicals

Resins image

Phenolic resins

Compressed packaging image

Moulded fibres for packaging

Adhesives image


Glues image


Bitumen substitutes image

Bitumen substitutes

From a range of biogenic waste, The Dendronic® Process can produce starting materials for the energy, biochemical, biomaterials and food industries.

Our process overcomes the conventional technological limitations and unlocks the dynamic bio-refinery market, projected to reach a trillion euros within the decade.

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What are Ionic Liquids?

Solvents of the future

Ionic liquids, also known as liquid salts, are a class of solvents comprised exclusively of ions. They are safe to handle and easily recyclable.

Our proprietary ionic liquid is thermally stable and simply synthesised from readily available chemicals, which eliminates the traditionally prohibitive high production costs.

Our Future

We are looking for commercial partners to take our technology global. Together, we can address this enormous challenge and provide a sustainable clean alternative for us all.

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