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Lixea interview with Sting Bioeconomy

February 23, 2024

Article content from Sting Bioeconomy:

"Finally it’s Friday! Do you want to learn about how to convert residual biomass into value? Then you should join us as we visit Lixea in our digital event Friday Spotlight! Lixea is the startup that makes it possible to separate cellulose and lignin from different types of wood-based materials. Their goal is to transform bio-based ”waste” into building blocks that can be used for environmentally sustainable applications.Join us as we talk to CEO Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner about the innovation, the importance of a dynamic team, and what made her move from London to a small town in Sweden. And most important of all – find out her secret talents and what she likes to drink on a Friday night."

Watch the full interview via the link:

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