• Horizon 2020 Project

    Funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, we are developing our proprietary process. Our Pilot Plant is currently in the construction phase and located in Bäckhammar, Sweden.


    Learn more about Lixea's Horizon 2020 Project here.


    Feedstock flexibility: effective for any type of woody material including softwoods

    Compatible with metal and organic contaminants like paint and preservatives

    High performance: high lignin and hemicellulose removal rate in short reactions

    Mild conditions: Low pressure and temperatures below 200°C

    No harmful emissions: Ionic liquids have low vapour pressure and are therefore not emitted to atmosphere

    Circular economy: Makes use of waste feedstocks, such as demolition wood and agricultural residues

  • Request For Quotations

    Lixea is currently tendering quotes for equipment in its Pilot Plant. If you are a vendor or supplier, get in touch! See the list below for active tenders:

    • Pumps: Download the Request for Quotation here.

    Watch this space for future supplier opportunities.